The Overfinch Heritage program begins by sourcing classic, original Land Rovers from all over the world. 

Restoring a classic Defender or Range Rover takes the same precision, care and passion as restoring any masterpiece: you want to reveal the true essence of the original and renew the product to be experienced now and for decades to come.

That process begins with a structurally-sound, correctly-titled donor car.


Every Overfinch Heritage vehicle is completely dismantled, to the bare chassis, to ensure its integrity and to identify the required donor or replacement parts.

Every single component of each vehicle is painstakingly stripped, cleaned and appraised. New parts are introduced – from the smallest screw and ball bearing to body panels and engines – ensuring perfect functionality. 


The nut and bolt rebuild, chassis restoration and refurbishment is legendary, on par with the quality and attention to detail that Overfinch is renowned for.

The mechanical rebuild is model and customer specific, subject to the base car and the preferred performance and handling requirements. Our consultants will advise and discuss individual requirements.




Every aspect of the vehicle - from body style, drivetrain, wheels, tires, and accessories, to paint color, interior finishes, metalwork and textures – is customisable.  We recommend technology upgrades and signature Overfinch design elements, as well as cosmetic or practical accessories to create the desired look.


To commission your Overfinch Heritage car or to understand the options and process further, please contact a member of the Heritage team.

We have a number of vehicles undergoing restoration at any one time and a global supply of original classics.


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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